Da’Ville Releases ‘Everytime It Rains’ Official Music Video

Da’Ville released the second single for his upcoming album titled ‘Breathe’ and with this one, he does a remixed rendition of the 1998 “Everytime It Rains” hit single by a Swedish Pop group called Ace of Base.

Throughout the music video, it shows Da’Ville and a woman anguished with emotions as they both have flashbacks and reminisce on their once happy relationship.


The singer’s powerful vocals could be heard for the duration of the single, but there is a pleasant surprise when towards the end, he added a twist to its composition.

Some of the lyrics that Da’Ville sung to highlight this contrast are “Everytime it rains it’s like the memories…Play back in my head like its’ a song…Familiar melodies…What I thought was lost…Still remains its like it never leaves”.

The artist says that this song, “deals with the swirl of emotions you feel when you lose someone you love, it’s a song that a lot of people are familiar with and I hope that my fans, supporters and music lovers in general will embrace this rendition.” 

The official music video for ‘Everytime It Rains’ was released on July 1 and is the follow-up single to his song titled “Happy”. It was produced by Orville Thomas and Global Merchant Music Group LLC, directed by Stephen “Q” Bookal and assistant director, Dave “Shaky” Arjune.

Watch the official music video below:

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Known professionally as Da’Ville and more recently, Turii Maysun, the entertainer is a consummate singer/songwriter/producer, who aims to lift his fans higher forever. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, he is now based in Florida, USA. 

Reggae fans are familiar with Da’Ville from his hits such as “Always On My Mind” and the Remix of “Always on my Mind” with Sean Paul which garnered 20 Million Views on Youtube, and many more!

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