Deceased Baby Pulled from Rubble in Gaza – Watch Video

Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 10:08 PM

As the country of Israel continues its retaliatory attack on Hamas in Gaza, casualties continue to grow, with footage revealing the fallout, including children who died during airstrikes.



Over 1,000 Israeli citizens have been confirmed dead following the Palestinian militant group Hamas’ attack on Israel over the weekend. The extremist group, which governs the Gaza Strip, crossed into Israel via the war-torn area, killing hundreds and kidnapping others.

Israel has since retaliated, launching hundreds of airstrikes over the Gaza Strip, resulting in a death toll of over 900 people, including children.

As the crisis escalates between Israel and Gaza, footage taken from the heavily damaged Gaza Strip has been circulating on social media. Citizens can be seen amid immense piles of rubble from collapsed buildings that were destroyed during the airstrikes.

A group of men seemingly searching for survivors pulled a deceased infant from the rubble and appeared to shout in outrage as they handed the child down. As the camera pans to follow the man carrying the child, the scale of the damage to the area becomes evident.

Watch the video below.


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