Demarco Preaches Self Defence in ‘Charge’ Music Video Featuring Producer Ajal

Demarco says he will not make no boy charge for him as he sings about self-defence in his latest song\ music video, entitled Charge which features producer Ajal. Charge is an eye-opening song, reminding us to be vigilant and protect our lives at any cost.

Ajal produced the song, as Demarco showcased his acting skills, smooth melody, delivery and his storytelling abilities in the track\music video, majority of the video depicts Demarco locked up in prison.

The music video also shows Demarco hanging out with friends, playing domino, plus another scene of so-called friends plotting to “Rob him”.

In the song, Demarco sings, “Watch the greet weh dem ge yuh pussy wah yuh dead and nah nuh reason fi kill yuh, pay attention pon the field weh yuh dribble before yuh tek me three me believe inna prison god know its so easy fi missing.”

Demarco continued his message of self-defence and went into the chorus of the song by stating, “We nuh start war but me we squeeze it fi sittin’ better believe ano feel like when me friends speak me nuh listen, crow seh nuh mek nuh boy charge fi yuh nuh mek nuh boy charge fi yuh, nuh mek dem charge fi yuh fada yuh haffi do wah yuh haffi do.”

The dancehall artiste also outlined why persons would want to bring harm to him hence why he has to protect himself. “Weh me achieve a it a kill them dem nuh waa me build the legacy fi me children, pussy dem a grudge me caa dem see the mills dem, a build we build the youths them we nuh kill friend,” Demarco explained.

Since its release, hours ago, the music video for the song has racked up over 20k views and 3k likes on Youtube.

See the video below:

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