Denham Town High School Student Beaten in Viral Video Speaks Out – Watch Interview

Wednesday, February 22, 2023, 1:04 PM

The video that dominated multiple social media platforms after its release, featuring a Denham Town High School Student being beaten by two of his schoolmates, without anyone coming to his rescue, now has another perspective.

Sixth former (a student on the autistic spectrum), Tyree Green and his sisters Cameka and Georgette Powell sat down to an interview with Simone Morgan-Lindo, a reporter from The Star, where they voiced their grief and frustration over the situation of Tyree’s constant bullying.


Cameka, Tyree’s sister said, “mi cut up, everything about it, cuz he’s autistic…and is a everyday ting at school…mi mother don’t even know. Mi mother get two strokes…can’t even make she know because wi nuh wah she get a third strokes fi kill har.” She stated that she is seeking justice for her brother as the oldest sibling.

When asked about how she felt when she was made aware of the incident, Cameka noted that she had just gotten from work when she received a call from an aunt overseas who then sent her a video of the altercation between the three boys. She stated that she could not bare to finish the video.

“Mi guh pan TikTok and every page, everybody pan TikTok a talk and a chaw iron bout it. And when me see it, when me start watch it, mi blood, mi body, everything…,” she commented, without being able to finish her sentence.

It was stated that Tyree is scheduled to do an x-ray and report back to the police station, and Cameka called for those on social media to stop spreading rumours and making the situation worse.

Tyree told his side of the story and said that he was on his way to class with some other students when one of the boys in the video called him and a 16-year-old girl over. After asking them a bunch of questions that included the girl’s home address, Tyree mentioned that this was when he was singled out and brought to a classroom.

“…and then call me innah the class and start kick me and start bax me, and ask mi who the girl,” he vocalized.

He said no one came to help him and they only stopped hitting him when they were satisfied and then pushed him outside of the classroom, but not before issuing a threat to not tell anyone what had transpired.

“Mi fraid fi go back a school true mi nuh wah other people do mi tings,” he said. Tyree has not been back to school since the incident happened.

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Watch the entire interview below:

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