Derrick Morgan Says Money Was at the Root of Fallout Between Him and Queen Ifrica

Following sexual assault allegations made by his daughter, Queen Ifrica, Derrick Morgan has alleged that money was at the root of the fallout between him and the reggae singer years ago.

Ifrica, born Ventrice Morgan, alleged during a live stream that Morgan raped her while she was staying at his Kingston residence. According to the Daddy singer, who had not met her father during her childhood, she was attempting to form a relationship with him at the time of the alleged assault.

Morgan has denied the allegations against him and, in an interview with Dancehallmag, said that the pair fell out several years ago due to a dispute over money and were estranged for six years. Morgan told the outlet that after meeting his daughter during her adulthood, her then-boyfriend, Tony Rebel, called him to inquire how much it would cost to have him perform at his show, Rebel Salute.

Morgan’s requests of $200, 000 or $150, 000 were quickly turned down by Rebel, who countered with $50, 000.

Morgan said he dismissed Rebel’s $50, 000 payment offer, telling him to take the money and feed his “crackhead friend dem.” After the conversation, Morgan said his daughter called him and told him that he had let her down and that he was acting “hype.”

“How oonu gwaan like yu so big and hype inna life? Yu too hype! One day, we soon get yu offa that,” Ifrica allegedly stated.

Speaking on her rape allegations, Morgan expressed that he was deeply hurt as they had been widely circulated by the media, and he was labelled a rapist. The Ska singer also shared how he first met Ifrica, disclosing that he had had a one-night stand with her mother and did not believe her when she said she was pregnant.

It was years later that Ifrica introduced herself to reggae singer Hopeton Lewis, who told him about her.

Morgan said Ifrica visited him for the first time while he was staying at a hotel in Montego Bay and later began visiting his home in Kingston frequently, but there was always someone else at the house with them.

According to Morgan, who is blind, he accepted her as his daughter because he was told she looked like his mother, but he never conducted a DNA test and is still not sure she is his biological child. 

 “No sah, mi not even know if ah mi pickney all now…and she tell such a lie pon me,” Morgan stated.

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