Dexta Dap Disses Mr Vegas “Gaygas” for not Being Worthy of Clashing – Watch Video

Friday, February 3, 2023, 9:08 AM

Dancehall artiste Dexta Daps has joined the long list of entertainers sending lyrical disses aimed at dancehall veteran Mr Vegas. The Breaking News singer is seen in a video making its round on social media disrespecting the veteran artiste.

Mr Vegas is currently engaged in a lyrical battle with dancehall stalwart Bounty Killer, reigniting the feud the two had for at least a decade.


In the short video, Dexta Daps addresses fans who were suggesting that he clash with Mr Vegas, in response, the entertainer went on to state, ”Bomboclaat this, Gaygas! Gaygas! Me fi clash Gaygas? A weh the bombo rassclaat this, a madness this, me want piece a deh war deh?”

Clearly, the entertainer was not pleased with his fan’s desire for a lyrical war between him and Vegas.

Dexta continued his relentless disrespect of Vegas by saying, “But you is a mad man I never know you was not good, I never know you was sick listen to me man, mine me mek two a me gal them kill you enuh cause me sure dem girl yah me have, have more lyrics than you enuh.”

The artiste, however, showed some restraints as he controlled himself from calling Vegas the Jamaican version of a homo, apologizing sarcastically that he was sorry because he didn’t know anything personally about the I am Blessed deejay.

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Just yesterday Vegas uploaded a diss song aimed at Bounty Killer, which was highly expected as the two veterans have been going at it online in recent times. Bounty Killer also shared small snippets of his upcoming diss track aimed at Vegas online.

Vegas is known for not holding back his thoughts, so it is likely that he will reply in short order to Dexta Daps ridiculing him on his live.

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