Disabled Man Gets Fatally Run Over By Car During Fight Between 2 Females In Queens – Watch Video

Monday, August 29, 2022, 7:57 PM

Minutes after 6:00 A.M on Saturday, two women were embroiled in a confrontation (the details of which are unclear) that suddenly took a drastic and tragic turn. The incident happened outside of a deli on Beach 20th Street in Far Rockaway, Queens when the disagreement started.

A Woman in a black outfit and auburn hair can be seen advancing on another woman in a yellow dress who was hugging a third woman from behind. A fight started after blows were thrown, and bystanders tried their best to keep the two apart. The woman in yellow gets into her car with her friend but the woman in black still tries to fight her through the car window. She is eventually pulled away by a man who tries to talk her down.


The situation escalated into a hit and run when the woman in the car reverses and ploughs forward with the intention of hitting her aggressor. However, seeing the car move, the aggressor starts running to get out of the way and the car ends up hitting a disabled male 59 years of age who was sitting outside.

According to the police report, the disabled man died after suffering head injuries from the incident.

The woman drives away from the scene after the fact. Someone commented on the video that was uploaded to the World Star website by stating, “think before u do,” while someone else remarked, “bruhhh…… that messed up, you can get killed for minding your own business….”

Watch the video below;

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