ZJ Sparks, Foota Hype and Twin Of Twins Tulox Speak-Out About The Music Being Played By Selectors

A viral video of a woman telling a selector to switch up the music he is playing from shooting songs to dancing songs for the ladies has kicked off a debate online about the type of songs being played by the selectors in parties.

ZJ Sparks spoke up on behalf of the women who need to hear more whining songs in an Instagram post, saying, “Di Ladies seh dem a beg djs fi hear likkle ‘gyal’ song inna di dance. Dem seh gyal song is NOT givin you fellatio and you tellin dem to bring dem friend. Artistes, producers, djs gi di ladies sumn fi wine to nu.”

In response, Foota Hype, one of Jamaica’s top selectors, said he, “deliberately” did not play songs for the ladies sometimes because they were wining on each other instead of dancing with men and “lose gal pon gal behaviour is not even our culture.”

Twin of Twins Tulox also shared his opinion on the situation, saying “EVERY SECTOR OF MUSIC WATER DUNG!!”

Tulox added that some selectors were oblivious to the fact that they were playing for people and not themselves and he called them “KING FISH” who only wanted to please men,

Meanwhile, the selector captured in the viral video also spoke out against the backlash he was receiving as he said that he was playing a lot of songs for the women during the event, so he did not understand why people who were not there are jumping to assumptions.

Watch the video below.

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