Elaine And Jamaicans Accused Of Copying Sha’carri’s Hair Style

A Twitter feud was recently sparked by a Sha’carri Richardson fan who stated that Jamaican female athletes are copying her hairstyle. The caption of the tweet stated, “Not the Jamaicans copying Sha’carri Iconic hair!” The tweet continued with the fan stating that although the Jamaicans are trying to imitate Sha’carri, their hairstyles look cheap in comparison.

The tweet was in reply to World Athletics Track & Field Announcer Donald Smith saying “Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s hair is amazing”. Take a look at the hair in question below;


Sha’carri is known for her long and sometimes colourful hairstyles on the track as well as her love-hate relationship with Jamaica. The tweet has been retweeted multiple times and has even motivated fans to create fan pages dedicated to the Jamaican athletes’ hairstyles. The hairstyle that has the most in common with the American track star’s look is Elaine Thompson-Herah’s World Championship look.

Both the colour and style are almost identical thus sparking the comments that Jamaicans are stealing her signature style.

A fan, in the defense of the athletes, stated that “Colourful hair is literally a Jamaican hallmark 🤣🤣🤣anybody on this planet can tell you that for free. Stop with the lies”. A multitude of tweets was exchanged between the fans of the respective track stars as they continue to battle it out on the social media platform.

See some of the comments below.

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