Elaine Thompson Finishes 5th In Women’s 100m Finals Wold Championship 2017

Elaine Thompson, the Olympic 100m and 200m champion, has missed out on the first 100m World Championship title

Thompson finished 5th. She was beaten by American Tori Bowie and Marie-Josee Ta Lou.

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Chubbi Tindale

Congratulation Elaine Thompson you’re a soldier for god camp

Lyons Quëèn

Still proud it is not every time you can win come back fi them in a the relay cause USA have 3 medals already and. Me don’t like USA so work harder next time

Merle Thomas

Dont panic ja because bolt didnt win

Vinnetta Burke

I don’t believe

Juliet Watson

Take a seat we always win just on fortunate wat happen every thing good

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