Elaine Thompson-Herah Declares She is No Longer a “People Pleaser” – See Post

The fastest woman alive in the 100m and the second fastest in the 200m, Elaine Thompson-Herah, is reintroducing herself to sprint fans and has declared that she is no longer a people-pleaser.

Like athletes before her, Thompson-Herah has publicly expressed her feelings regarding the treatment of local athletes by Jamaicans. In a December appearance on Asafa and Alyshia Powell’s Fast Lane Lifestyle podcast, Thompson-Herah and the Powells discussed the lack of respect and appreciation often displayed by the public.

On Saturday, Thompson-Herah shared a few pics on Instagram of her rocking a high ponytail with curls in a white T-shirt and sheer skirt. The double Olympic champion appears to be ready to redefine her boundaries and expressed that she is not afraid to burn a few bridges

“Unfortunately, when most of y’all met me, I was a people-pleaser who lacked boundaries. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I burned bridges as needed,” Thompson-Herah stated, captioning the photos.

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Fans of the athlete celebrated her decision to put herself first, with one supporter writing, “Boundaries are not just necessary, they are required. Find your peace and keep it like that.”

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