Elaine Thompson-Herah Shares Her ‘Get Ready’ Routine for a Night Out – Watch Video

Saturday, January 27, 2024, 1:50 PM

Olympic gold medalist Elaine Thompson-Herah is taking full advantage of her downtime before the 2024 athletic season commences and shared her ‘Get Ready’ routine for a night out.

While sporting fans may be well informed in regards to Thompson-Herah’s life on the track, not many are familiar with her life off of the track.


But Thompson-Herah has been giving fans a look beyond her life as a star athlete, sharing her exquisite looks plus multiple scenes from outings with her husband, Derron Herah.

Taking on the popular ‘Get Ready With Me’ social media trend, Thompson-Herah showed fans how she prepared for a night out at the Mystic Thai Restaurant.

In addition to her makeup routine, the sprinter shared her final dolled-up look, which consisted of a green fishnet sweater and black leather shorts.

The “Double Double Olympic Champion Olympic Baby” also shared an inside look at the venue and her chosen meal from the restaurant, which offers Indian, Asian, and Thai cuisine.

Watch the video below.

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