Elon Musk On His Way To Becoming The World’s First Trillionaire

Sunday, June 12, 2022, 11:03 AM

Elon Musk is predicted to likely become the world’s very first trillionaire by 2024, that is if his current business conundrums are resolved.

Based on the findings of a study conducted by Approve, the billionaire is getting richer and richer as the years go by and is likely to become a trillionaire with his annual net worth.


The study called “The Trillion Dollar Club” compares “the top 30 richest people from 2017 through to the present day” and, with records of their “annual growth rate”, it presents the time span of when they will be hitting the bigger bucks.

Recording Elon Musk’s net worth in the study, the presentation showed that it increases by 129% each year and his current net worth at the beginning of 2022 is $263 billion. Therefore, concluding that with only two years Elon Musk will be successfully reached trillion dollars.

However, there are some current issues that can affect this prediction. One of them is Twitter since his plan to buy the platform has taken a turn. There is also the matter of his car company that, according to Hot New Whip Hop, is facing problems in the stock market Musk’s reckless tweets drives investors, like Bill Gates, to shorten the company’s stock.

Musk, who was hit with sexual harassment allegations, also faces the very serious issue of Telsa being investigated after many of his cars have crashed while in autopilot mode.

Should things continue to go awry, Musk, who spoke about the possibility of dying “under mysterious circumstances”, might not reach his trillion-dollar status so soon.

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