Employee and Customer Fight at Popeyes – Watch Video

Footage seemingly captured by other members at a Popeyes restaurant, Captures the moment that a female employee of the fast food establishment engaged in an all-out fight with a female customer.

The location of the restaurant as well as the reason why the women were fighting is currently unknown.


The video starts as the worker and customer launch themselves at each other in an open space inside the building after apparently disagreeing about something some time prior. During the scuffle, the customer is pushed back against the tables and chairs before falling to the ground and losing her slippers.

Her efforts to get back to her feet were futile as the employee continued her relentless attacks. The customer’s wig was ripped from her head and she was injured at some point because her blood can be seen dripping on the floor and over the employee’s slippers.

Bystanders then start to part the fight but before they are dragged away from each other, the worker kicks the wounded customer in the face, which sends her hiding under a table to get away.

Watch the video below:


After the video was posted on X, many people either stated how a fight was expected at Popeyes because of how “ghetto” the establishment is, or how sad it is that people would rather stand around and video two people going at each other instead of parting the fight.


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