Empowering Employees to Work Effectively and Achieve Collective Goals with Time Tracking Services

WorkTime – employee monitoring software & service that offers various features to help employers track and improve productivity in the workplace. Here is an overview of the features offered by employee monitoring services:

  • Online meetings monitoring: WorkTime monitors the time spent in online meetings, including details such as applications used, duration, and participants. It provides reports on top meeting employees, frequently used meeting applications, and meeting history.
  • Remote work from home monitoring: This feature allows employers to measure and compare employee productivity and other metrics between working from home and working in the office. It helps determine which environment is more productive for employees.
  • Distraction score monitoring: This feature helps measure and improve employee and team distraction scores. It identifies factors that contribute to distractions in the office or work process and provides insights to optimize the working environment and process.
  • False overtime monitoring: WorkTime helps identify false overtime, which occurs when employees work extra time to make up for being absent during regular working hours. It assists employers and managers in balancing workload and managing the working process effectively.
  • Off-work employees monitoring: This feature keeps track of employee absences and provides information about when employees are absent from work, helping managers monitor attendance and address any issues related to absenteeism.
  • Electricity waste: WorkTime helps identify computers that are left active and idle after business hours, providing data on electricity waste. Managers can use this information to identify ways to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.
  • Productivity, attendance, active time goals: Employers can set productivity, attendance, and active time goals for employees and monitor their progress. This feature helps engage employees and improve overall productivity work from home monitoring.
  • Leaderboard reports for employee engagement: WorkTime provides leaderboard reports to acknowledge departments or top-performing employees. These reports display stars for successful workdays and can be displayed in the office to boost employee engagement.
  • Employee attendance monitoring: This feature enhances the existing check-in system, allowing employers to monitor employee computer idle time, track logins and logouts, and stay informed about employee presence and performance during the day.
  • Active/idle time monitoring, internet/software & computer use monitoring: WorkTime monitors employee activity and idle time, as well as their use of the internet, software, and company computers. It provides insights into how employees utilize company resources during working hours.
  • Real picture of employees, computers & software load: WorkTime offers a comprehensive view of employee activity, idle time, computer usage, and software load. It helps employers make informed decisions about resource allocation, staffing, and software needs.
  • Free employee monitoring: NesterSoft, the company behind WorkTime, offers free employee monitoring for small businesses and self-employed individuals. The free version has limitations on the number of employees and reports, but it provides access to all monitoring features.
  • Designed for performance: WorkTime is designed to process large volumes of information efficiently while utilizing minimal system resources. It is capable of monitoring offices with varying numbers of employees, from small teams to organizations with thousands of employees.

WorkTime prioritizes data security and offers multi-level data protection to ensure the safety of monitoring data.


By staying abreast of current trends and embracing these tools, businesses can effectively manage their workforce, regardless of their physical location, and drive success in the digital age. Remember, effective time tracking is not about micromanagement but about enabling employees to work efficiently, facilitating collaboration, and achieving collective goals.

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