ER: Kartel’s Lawyer Gives More Details on His Poor Health and Feb 14 Appeal Date in Interview

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:33 PM GMT-5

Isat Buchanan welcomes Vybz Kartel’s early murder appeal courtesy of the UK Privy Council due to the ongoing health crisis facing the man regarded as the king of dancehall by many. Buchanan revealed that Vybz Kartel is very anxious to have his time in court when February 14, 2024, comes around.

According to the controversial lawyer, who is set to face the local court as well, without the ruling of the Privy Council in the UK and the initiative of Kartel’s legal team, the date for the dancehall artiste’s appeal would have been sometime in April 2024.



A confident-sounding Buchanan says he was happy with how things are currently going regarding the appeal for Vybz Kartel. In an exclusive interview with Anthony Miller, Buchanan offered hope to many Gaza fans who eagerly await their artist’s release.

In regards to Buchanan’s own legal battles after he was sanctioned for quoting derogatory Vybz Kartel lyrics about the DPP, he says he was fully focused on Kartel’s appeal despite his troubles. He went on to say he regretted being a distraction to Kartel’s case by his actions.


He explained his reasons for stepping down from his previous post in PNP by stating, “What happened was I was not speaking on a political platform, I was making no representation for the People National Party when the matter came up, I immediately resign to ensure that I caused no embarrassment to the People’s National Party.”

In closing, Buchanan says he is looking to get his musical career on track with the release of his new single, All In Life, which he previewed.

See the video below:


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