Fascinating Japanese Toilet Designed to Conserve Water

An image of a Japanese toilet with a sink attached to it has been making rounds on the internet. As far as the innovation was concerned, it was designed in order to save as much water as possible.

Among the features of the toilet was a fully-functional sink that’s located on top of it. So, while you are washing your hands in the sink, the water that you use will be repurposed for flushing the toilet the next time.

It’s no secret that Japan is known for its compact apartments that make the most of every square inch of space. A typical low-rent apartment in Tokyo would surprise you if you were to walk into it and find that there is a TV, a couch, a bed, and even a toilet in a single room.

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The popularity of these kinds of flats has been especially high among young people and young professionals on low salaries who are willing to compromise on luxury and convenience for the sake of location.

As an example of maximizing the use of space and maximizing the functionality of an item, the Japanese toilet seen in the image represents maximum efficiency.

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