Fatal Plane Crash In Nepal Leaves 21 Dead, 1 Passenger Missing

Monday, May 30, 2022, 3:24 PM

A small aircraft carrying 22 passengers was on a 20-minute flight when five minutes before landing the plane lost contact with air traffic control and crashed. At the crash site, there have been 21 bodies recovered so far from the dreadful incident, while the search continues for the last missing person.

According to Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Deo Chandra Lal Karn, who spoke to BBC on Monday, 20 bodies were recovered and, “rescuers are trying to retrieve” the additional body “from difficult mountain terrain”.


The small plane that was en route to popular tourist and pilgrimage site Jomsom, departed Pokhara on Sunday at 04:10 GMT carrying two Germans, Four Indians and 16 Nepalis.

“Rescuers are still searching for a missing individual at the crash site,” Lal Karn said, but the mountainous terrain and bad weather have been impeding the search.

After the plane went down, it took 24 hours to locate the crash site and the Nepalese Army spokesman shared images of the wreckage on Twitter informing the public that “Search and rescue troops have physically located the plane crash site,” on Monday. The wreckage that was recovered in Mustang district is operated by Nepali carrier Tara Air.

An investigation is being conducted by the Nepalese government regarding the plane crash. The plane was reportedly created by the Canadian firm de Havilland.

Nepal, due to the unpredictable weather changes and the difficulty in accessing the airstrips located on rocky terrains, has a history of plane crashes. In a 2018 incident, an aircraft of 71 passengers caught fire in the midst of landing in Kathmandu, killing 51 people.in April 2019 there was also an incident that claimed three lives as a plane hit a stationary helicopter at Lukla Airport when it was leaving the runway.

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