Father Fatally Strangles 2-Y-O Daughter While on Facetime Says Mother – Video Report

Wednesday, March 22, 2023, 9:27 PM GMT-5

A two-year-old girl from Texas, USA, was allegedly strangled by her father while he called her mother on FaceTime and blamed her for the incident.

According to reports, Kairsten Watson had been separated from her partner, 25-year-old Deontray Flanagan, for the past few months, but Flanagan refused to leave her alone. Prior to the incident, Watson had notified the police of Flanagan’s behaviour on three different occasions after he took their daughter, Zevaya, suddenly one day while she was giving her a bath.


On Monday, Flanagan took Zevaya from daycare and stormed into the Walmart where Watson worked in North Harris County and demanded that she hand over her phone and tell him her passcode or he would hurt the toddler. Flanagan left with Zevaya after receiving the phone and password, leading the police on a 30-mile chase as he hit cars and drove the wrong way before stopping at Steubner Airline Drive.

Flanagan allegedly called Watson on Facetime to show her Zevaya, and according to the mother, the child’s face was covered in blood as he had hit her with something hard.

As he proceeded to choke the 2-year-old, Flanagan blamed Watson and reportedly told her, “You only love that man. You did this to her,” while Watson tried to convince him to stop. Watson told reporters that though she pleaded with the police to move in on Flanagan immediately, they took approximately 20 minutes to take him into custody because their officers had to prepare.

After Flanagan’s apprehension, Zevaya was taken to the hospital, where she later died.

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Further reports state that the authorities are conducting an internal investigation to determine if all policies were followed by the sheriff’s office and the police department in regard to their response time.

In regards to why the police did not respond to Watson’s calls before the incident, the sheriff’s office told reporters that the district attorney had determined that there was not enough evidence to charge Flanagan, nor could they find him to do a welfare check.

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