Father Slams Kid to Ground Leaving Him Unconscious for Allegedly Bullying His Son – Watch Video

A viral video shows a disturbing incident in which a father resorted to violence seemingly to protect his child from alleged bullies. This shocking event raises concerns about the lengths parents may go to defend their children and begs the question of how best to handle such situations.

However, the video shot at a park did not show what both kids did to face the wrath of an angry father. As kids and adults enjoy the rides and swings at the park, a man dressed in an orange shirt and blue sweatpants walked close to the camera recording before grabbing a young boy and body-slamming him on the ground.


See the video: CLICK HERE

The young boy appeared motionless as an adult female rushed to check on him. As the video continued, the man also grabbed another child and threw him to the ground. However, this time, the young child on the end of the dad’s wrath was seen moving, bringing an end to the video.

See the video: CLICK HERE

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