Female NYPD Officer Sues the City After Topless Photo of Her Is Circulated in the Police Department

A female officer from the New York Police Department (NYPD) has filed a lawsuit against the city following the circulation of a topless photo of her by various officers.

The officer, Alisa Bajraktarevic, initially sent the photo to another officer, Lieutenant Mark Rivera, twelve years ago while they were dating. The photo then resurfaced amid an investigation into Bajraktarevic’s interference in a traffic stop with her boyfriend, Kelvin Hernandez, whom she is no longer with.

Image – Alisa Bajraktarevic

Hernandez, who has filed his own lawsuit against the department, was accused of being a drug dealer and charged with resisting arrest while he was with Bajraktarevic. Amid an investigation into Bajraktarevic, Rivera allegedly shared the topless photo in a group message, and it, along with Bajraktarevic’s personal information, was rapidly spread throughout the NYPD.

Reports state that Bajraktarevic was informed about the circulation of the photograph by a union delegate. However, delegates from the union allegedly urged her not to file a complaint, with one reportedly stating, You are not the first or last woman this has happened to or would happen to.”

Image – Instargram @alisa_619

According to the New York Post, while Bajraktarevic was suspended for a month for her association with Hernandez during the investigation, the NYPD has not investigated the individuals behind the circulation of her half-nude photo.

Bajraktarevic has described the sharing of the over-decade-old image as repulsive and said it has derailed her career.

“You do things in confidence. It doesn’t warrant you being treated like a piece of sh*t [ … ] It’s bullying. I’m not the first and I’m definitely not the last but, when is it going to be enough? [ … ] Because someone is definitely going to harm themselves over it,” Bajraktarevic stated.

The officer’s lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages from Rivera, the city, as well as a supervisor she alleges sexually harassed her in 2017.

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