Fight Erupts Between 2 Rappers During This Interview – Watch Video

During a recent episode of the No Jumper Podcast, host Adam John Grandmaison’s sat-down with rappers Lil Kelpy and Almighty Suspect, however, the interview was cut short when an argument quickly erupted into a physical altercation between the pair.

A clip of the moments leading up to the fight was added to the No Jumper Youtube page, with an accompanying caption explaining that Grandmaison, also known as Adam22, “wanted to give Kelpy another opportunity to tell his story following the Sharp podcast. However, Kelpy had a huge chip on his shoulder and came for Suspect, who handled it the way he saw fit.”


At the beginning of the interview, Kelpy spoke briefly about his life prior to his viral interview with his “girls,” Ashley and Crystal, on Soft White Underbelly, during which they shared their story about working as a pimp and prostitutes.

When asked about the type of response he received from the interview, Kelpy said he received a lot of negative comments about the way he was dressed but stated that he did it to get attention. This led to Suspect explaining that the pushback was due to his wearing the clothing as a costume, imitating what he saw as a pimp’s appearance, and compared it to someone wearing blackface.

As the discussion intensified, an argument ensued between Suspect and Kelpy. Both rappers traded insults and expletives, but the argument turned physical after Kelpy called Suspect a b**ch, leading Adam and other crew members to step in and stop the fight.

Watch videos below.

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