First Sighting of ‘Zeeks’ in a Long Time – See Photo

Donald ‘Zeeks’ Phipps, who was once known as the don of Matthews Lane and who is currently serving a life sentence, is seen in a recently surfaced picture for the first time since he had to render assistance to the authorities in order to ease tensions among his supporters.

The picture was taken by Matthew Samuda, with Zeeks standing in the background behind the fence of the correctional facility located in Spanish Town. Phipps is seen holding up his thumb behind the fence, dressed in a green t-shirt and blue shorts.

After being convicted of the murders of Rodney Farquharson and Dayton Williams back in 2006, Phipps is now behind bars serving a life sentence.

See the much-talked-about recent image below:

Donald ‘Zeeks’ Phipps and Matthew Samuda

Despite his conviction, local authorities claim he still has influence in the streets of Matthews Lane, with even famous dancehall artistes shouting out the don in their songs.

Furthermore, Phipps’s lawyers worked tirelessly to overturn the conviction. His legal team argued that his trial violated his constitutional rights and abused the judicial process.

In the view of his team, the cell site analysis obtained by prosecutors from one of the country’s mobile phone providers violated the Interception of Communications Act of 2002 by illegally obtaining the information from the provider.

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It is this cell site data that was used by the prosecutors to help them understand where Zeeks was at the time of the 2005 murder of two men.

As a result of the 2002 act, which was passed by Parliament, the police are now given the power to “bug” the phones of suspects while they are under investigation.

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