Floyd Mayweather Confronts Jake Paul and He Runs Away In A Now Viral Video – Watch Video 

On Wednesday night, Floyd Mayweather confronted Jake Paul over a potential fight after the pair attended a basketball match in Miami. After the Miami Heat lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami-Dade Arena, Mayweather and Paul had a run-in outside the venue.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul was visibly uncomfortable in the presence of Mayweather and several members of his entourage after the two had famously brawled two years ago.


In the short video, the cameraman can be heard mocking Paul for losing to Tommy Fury and threatening to smack him around with the rest of the entourage. The cameraman asked Paul, “so what happened to you after losing? You haven’t been talking alot since then,” as he continued to jeer Paul. Meanwhile, Mayweather can be heard telling an onlooker to stop filming the confrontation.

Following this, Paul runs away from Mayweather and his crew as the cameraman mocks him by saying: “Oh he’s running! He’s running! Jake, what’s good bro.”

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In response to the confrontation, Paul tweeted: “Floyd if you want to fight one on one, we can do that but don’t try to hop out of three cars 25 dudes deep tryna to jump me while I’m tryna enjoy my Wednesday night.” He also claims that Mayweather is still angry at him after he knocked off his hat two years back.

See the video below:

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