Foota Hype Claps Back At Jada Kingdom

Foota Hype has recently announced to his fans during one of his Instagram livestream that Jada Kingdom could not diss him because he knows Jada Kingdom “inside out”.

Dancehall artiste and controversial media personality Oneil Thomas, popularly known as Foota Hype, said enough for people to know that Jada Kingdom might have some skeletons that he knows about.

One month ago during the virtual war of words between Minister Marion Hall and several female artists, Foota Hype commented on the Jada Kingdom’s claim that Lady Saw fell off her game in the music industry.

In his comment, he said Jada felt like she is “the hottest and baddest” in the world but, while she is talented, she should “calm the fuck down” because neither she nor any other female in the industry has made the type of impact Lady Saw made. Thomas also said that Jada should “have manners” because while Lady Saw had collected a Grammy, Jada was fighting to be nominated. Foota continued to diss Jada by even accusing her of talking crazy because she was eating “to much front”.

On Monday, Jada Kingdom decided to address this video in a series of tweets that addressed “foota flop” as a “likkle youtuber” who should “fuk off” and stop calling her name.

Subsequently, in the recent livestream Foota Hype stated that Jada was only responding now because she was using it as a tactic to push upcoming music.

He went on to say that nobody, not even her manager, knows Jada the way he does.

“Me, Foota Hype Oneil Thomas know har inside out,” he said. “Me know and she know seh she cyah diss me nu time….”

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