Foota Hype Says Skeng Took Money For a Song and Didn’t Do It, Tells Him to Refund The Money – Watch Video

Friday, February 17, 2023, 10:01 PM

Prominent dancehall deejay Skeng is facing allegations of accepting a payment of 45,000 for a project that he ultimately did not deliver and is now being urged to reimburse the funds. The Spanish Town native, who is legally named Kevon Douglas, was addressed by selector Foota Hype who said that sources informed him of the situation.

According to Foota, the buyer paid for the song around one year ago, and Skeng told the buyer that he had completed two verses, but the chorus was incomplete. Foota also said that Skeng had a show to do for the same individual prior to the song arrangement, and Skeng failed to attend.


“Yuh see some time when yuh see badman diss people, a nuh because a di value a money enuh, a because a one some ting name respect,” Foota Hype explained. “Sometime when unuh a deal wid some people unuh don’t know who dem is and how powerful dem is.”

He called out to Skeng and producer Buddha during the stream, telling them to “run back the people dem money because a some dangerous people.” He continued by explaining that the individuals who paid wanted to take action against Skeng, but he requested to step in and speak to the entertainer before the situation go too far.

“Really and truly enuh, dem wah dis di artiste…A likkle bit a money, but a nuh di money mek dem wah violate yuh enuh, a di respect,” he said, stressing that he was begging Skeng to refund the money.

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“Some time don’t feel like seh artiste a iron and don’t feel like seh tru you have two bad friend round yuh, dat is badness,” he added. While vaguely speaking about how dangerous the buyer is, he also stressed that many artistes needed to consider what the term “organised crime” meant.

Watch the video of Foota Hype below:

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