Footage Released of Cash App Founder Bob Lee After Stabbing That Led to His Death – Watch Video

Friday, April 7, 2023, 12:52 PM

Bob Lee’s final moments after being stabbed have surfaced online, showing him struggling with his wound as he tries to get help. The 43-year-old Cash App founder died in downtown San Francisco, USA, on April 4.

The surveillance footage captured Lee, with a bleeding wound in his torso, stumbling towards an apartment building in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Lee, a husband and father of two, eventually collapsed to the ground.


He remained motionless for a brief moment before summoning the strength to rise to his knees. With his bloody hands, Lee managed to dial 911 for assistance and reportedly told the operator, “Help. Someone stabbed me.”

While on the phone, Lee seemingly waved at a passing vehicle, but it did not stop. He tried again, moving to a car that had stopped at an intersection and pleading with the driver while allegedly revealing his wound, but the driver sped away.

He was left standing in the middle of the deserted street, and when the police arrived at the scene, they administered medical aid to Lee, who ultimately passed away at the hospital.

According to reports, the attacker has not been caught, but the police found a kitchen knife with a 4-inch blade close to the crime scene in a parking lot.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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