Footage of Chaotic Scene During Brawling Middle-day Robbery in Portmore – Watch Video

Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 9:55 AM

In a viral video making the rounds on social media, viewers can see the chaotic scenes that unfolded during the brawling robbery that took place in Portmore Pines plaza in St. Catherine. As gunshots rang out in the background, several persons are seen cramping into what appears to be a convenience store to escape the barrage of bullets flying from left to right. 

The short video started with a seemingly serene view from within the convenience store, then suddenly, the calm and tranquillity were disturbed by the sounds of high-powered weapons firing off then instantaneously, all hell broke lose as persons began screaming and running into the convenience store which seems to be always open during business hours.


More than a dozen people were squeezed into the store, while making their way inside some of the occupants urged the persons standing close to the door they should close the door in order to do just that, a male attempted to close the door, but more persons keep entering through the doorway, in their pursuit to escape the flying bullets, which angered a female that kept on screaming ‘close the door’.

Eventually, a male seen in a white shirt was able to close the door by bracing on it as it was unable to be locked at that time because the key couldn’t be located, amidst people screaming in fear, while others discussed what just went down.

A few seconds after the shooting, someone flung open the door and people began to make their way outside to see what had happened.

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According to initial reports, the robbers made off with over 10 million dollars, leaving a security guard dead and a few others with serious injuries, news articles also suggest that the brazen robbers targeted an armoured Brinks truck, which transports a significant amount of money every day across the Island.

See the video below:

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