Footage Shows Flooded Airport in Dubai Amid Heavy Rainfall

Following an unexpected downpour of rain in the usually dry city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai International Airport was left flooded with multiple flights cancelled amid the severely bad weather.

As the city is not accustomed to such heavy rainfall, travel had to be paused on the ground as well as in the air as the streets flooded, which prompted some motorists to abandon their vehicles. Amid the torrential rain on Tuesday, residential areas were flooded and planes were trapped at Dubai International as more than 40 flights coming into and leaving the country were cancelled.


In a video taken at Dubai International, the airport eerily resembles the sea, with planes and trucks on the heavily flooded tarmac. One plane could be seen slowly making its way down the runway through the mirky water. According to reports, the city received one year’s worth of rain in one day. View footage taken at the airport below.

Video – TMZ

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