Footage Shows Malie Donn Being Apprehended by the Police – Watch Video

Dancehall artiste Malie Donn was taken into custody by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), with footage recorded during the incident showing his apprehension.

The exact time and location of the incident are not yet known, but the deejay was reportedly recently apprehended by the police while with the mother of his son.


In the video, Malie Donn can be seen in the back of a police car as a woman, seemingly the mother of his child, lashing out at the officers with expletives.

Amid the angry uproar, the officers began driving away with Malie Donn and what appeared to be two other men apprehended by the police.

What initiated the incident is not clear, but before driving away with the artiste, the officer travelling with the men at the back of the van seemingly tells Malie that he cannot “ramp” with the police.

Following this statement, Malie expressed that the officer had disrespected him.

“Me nah ramp wid nuh police. A respect mi respect police. A style yuh style mi [ … ] My yute bredda, yuh know how man live good wid unuh dog?” Malie stated.

As the artiste became further infuriated, he said, “Man rich a dan unuh ino dog. Unuh uncomfertable a unuh house ino bredda.”

Watch the video of Malie Donn’s apprehension below.

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