Former Miss Croatia Stirs Controversy at World Cup for “Disrespectful” Dressing – See Pictures, Watch Video

Former Miss Croatia, Ivana Knoll, has been the talk of the town on many social media platforms after she went viral for her multiple revealing outfits at the Qatar-hosted World Cup.

The former beauty queen, who went to the football matches to support her country’s team during this football season, has been seen in an array of daring fashion choices that show her midriff, arms, breasts, and figure (in figure-hugging dresses and pants and short skirts).

Critics on social media have been throwing their opinions back and forth, debating on whether her choice of clothing is “disrespectful” to the culture the people of Qatar hold dear.

Daily Loud on Instagram posted a picture of Knoll with the caption, “Former Miss Croatia is now trending after people debate if her attire to the World Cup is disrespectful to other cultures 👀🤔.”

While some people believe that Knoll should have been more respectful to the culture of remaining modestly dressed, sticking to the adage of “when in Rome”, many others saw nothing wrong with her dressing and instead pointed out that if someone wants others to respect their culture, they should respect theirs first.

Someone commented, “This is not a hard topic. This is a holy and religious place and they dress very modestly, anything not in alignment with that is considered disrespectful as it doesn’t respect their chosen way of life regardless of who’s visiting. You’re on their grounds, you follow their rules, ” standing against Knoll, while another siding with her said, “if you invite the world to your country for the world cup then you should accept all people/cultures/beliefs. if you won’t allow other people to express their culture then you shouldn’t host a world cup.”

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Ivana Knoll spoke up on her own behalf by stating that she was not Muslim, however is Europeans are to be held to the standards of respecting the Hijab and the Niqab, then they can also “respect our way of life.”

The online controversy surrounding the former Miss Croatia seems to be more prevalent with people who are not a part of the culture, as some of the available pictures online of those of Knoll posing to take pictures with individuals, men and women alike, from Qatar.

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