Gage Goes Off on Ex-Friend Who He Says Wanted to “Kill” Him – Watch Video

February 11, 2024

Dancehall artiste Gage seemingly was facing some difficult times, this came to light when he addressed a former friend in a video. The entertainer, who is well known for the raunchy single Throat, called out his ex-friend for being a liar and a threat who wanted to kill him.

According to the entertainer, he resided with the former friend for two years and paid rent during that time. “Apparently yuh mek mi buss as artiste zeen, and mi a p***y mi neva do noting fi yuh, a you do tings fi mi,” Gage said.


He continued, “Bro, how yuh deh yah a tell people bout yuh bloodcl**t save mi from hunger and yah nuh Meika Shop… A Meika shop mi and yuh trust dung…So how yah tell mi bout a yuh save mi from hunger when a mi pay mi bill dem.”

Dancehall artiste Gage

Based on Gage’s words, Gage and his former friend bought items on credit from a particular shop multiple times. Hence, he indicated that his friend could not have saved him from hunger.

Gage also mentioned that some of his friends had worn the clothes he discarded after wearing them in music videos and live performances. However, he indicated that his ex-friend omitted this information when the friend told people that his mother bought clothes for the artiste, which Gage confirmed was true.

Additionally, Gage noted that one of his other friends loaned him $200,000 when he was at a low point. Shortly after mentioning this, the deejay spoke about someone who wanted to harm him.

He stated that his former friend’s actions had shown him that he was also a threat. “A you did wah kill me, bredda… You, bro… A so yah mek mi a pree it,” he said.

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