Gaza or Vendetta?…Alkaline Tells Fans To ‘Pick Their Side and Stick To It!’

Dancehall superstar Alkaline has warned fans to pick their side and stick to it.

The vendetta deejay sent the message to fans on Thursday through one of his social media platforms.

“Pick unuh side and stick to it.” Alkaline wrote. In another post Alkaline adds,…”Big up all a di people dem pon dis weh say alka keep focus don’t talk it dweet.”

Alkaline is having a good year thus far performing at a number of shows overseas and his two recently released track Hard Tackle and Suave taking the streets by storm.

The later Suave that was released a little over two weeks ago and has racked up over 2 million views on YouTube thus far.

Pretty girl Team released in March has the most stream on YouTube for a dancehall song this year with over 13 million views thus far.

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Walker Chris Fadaslikkrichrich Wacky

Gaza no battywash.. artist #Gazaforeva

Rian West

all if di dan aguh die a jail as some a unuh want to sa make mi tell unuh dis it can’t change nth kartel is all forever di Dan an di baddest thing nuh side nuh inna dis if pick all inna bbc mind think him can size up wed di boss but unuh an gwan man unuh aguh sorry

Ceandra Whitter

Gazaaaa straightttt vendetta a try bad him can gwan enuh but him ca reach gaza nation

Melaninqueen Thompson


Roy Burgher

Dog face.. Bbc

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