Giant Snake Wraps Around Man? – Watch Video

A man was caught on camera struggling to prevent what appears to be a large snake from crushing his lower body. The man, who is in a foreign country, made futile attempts to peel the animal from his body, but the snake kept a firm grip around his legs and waist. While he lay in the dirt with the creature, a bystander recorded the incident and spoke in a foreign language.

The onlookers, who were presumed to be his friends by World Star Hip Hop, subsequently offered assistance and tried to free the individual. Their efforts reaped some success, and a portion of the snake was hauled off the man. However, the short clip ended before it was revealed if they had managed to free him.


Some viewers speculated that the snake was either a python or an anaconda, and others quickly pointed out that the victim of the snake was ironically wearing a shirt that said “Dangerous Custom.” Viewers also questioned the intentions of the person recording and the onlookers. One person stated, “This was full of idiocy the way they went about it,” while another added, “Your life don’t mean nothing to the cameraman.”

It’s unclear if the video is real or fake.

Watch the video of the incident below.

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