Grand Market Sex Party Set for December 23 in St. Catherine

Saturday, December 17, 2022, 9:14 AM

The host for a sex party to be dubbed a ‘Christmas Orgy‘ in St. Catherine on December 23, is highly anticipating to end the 2022 period with this erotic staging and close off the year with a “bang”.

“It is being held on the eve of Christmas Eve so it will be like a grand market of sex. It is aimed at adventurous persons and they can have their experiences in a safe circle. It’s just pure fun and persons can do whatever they want except, male to male sex,” the promoter stated.


There are a host of things that are welcome and things that are listed as not allowed. The participants of the night’s festivities can look forward to threesomes, BDSM (bondage, discipline/domination, sadism, and masochism [as a type of sexual play]), orgies (indiscriminate sexual activity where everyone has sex with each other), and girl-on-girl action.

The list of No’s includes, the use of cameras and any other recording device, only persons that want to participate in sexual activities will be admitted (no watchers will be granted access to the event), no two men are allowed as the promotion of “homosexual sex” is forbidden, no single men are allowed, and more importantly, all sexual acts “must be consensual.” The event will have a ‘no door’ policy, so no one is allowed any private rooms, and all are encouraged to have sex in open spaces.

However, if one wishes to wear a mask to retain some semblance of anonymity, then that is allowed.

“Christmas is a time for giving, so we are giving away the love and sexual pleasures safely,” said the host. Thus, in order to give rise to a sense of safety, rapid HIV tests will be administered at the gate before anyone is permitted to enter.

“With all that is going on now, stress is taking over and these parties are a stress reliever. Scientifically, we know that sex relieves stress and gives off an adrenaline rush. This party will make you forget that that there is a world out there…just do it safely,” he relayed when speaking to The Weekend Star.

Continuing, the promoter explained that married couples and swingers (persons interested in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners) are all welcomed. He relayed that in the past, he has met many couples who confessed to an improvement in the bedroom after attending one of his sex parties. He also mentioned that some women “catch a vibe” seeing their partners with other women as long as it is consensual.

Revealing that hosting a sex party is a frequent occurrence, the promoter voiced that these kinds of parties are held on a monthly basis, the first having been planned and executed in March of 2021. He said that the number of people who attend the event grows with each staging and that the one held in November saw at least 40 persons in attendance.

Touching on his reason for organizing sex parties, the host, who is in his late 20’s, said that he used to attend them when he was younger but never really got a chance to experience what he thought should be offered at the events. Thus, he thought of introducing his own version of a ‘sex dungeon’.

He also spoke further on his experience, stating that he attended a sex party and witnessed one of the patrons arguing about not giving oral ssex to his wife at home, therefore, should not be forced to do the act to a complete stranger. That he said was a sour encounter for him and prompted him to screen everyone who expressed interest to participate in his event.

“I always find out what they are into and why they want to attend the event,” he added.

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