Guess Which Dancehall Artiste Owns This Large “Versace” Vase?

Thursday, February 1, 2024, 6:59 AM

One of dancehall’s most renowned artistes worldwide is the proud owner of an exquisite large antique that adds a Victorian touch to his mansion. This ‘porcelain urn’ boasts a painting of a Victorian family gathering scene and stands tall near an aquarium in his home.

The entertainer who had this large Bottle-like vase imported is a veteran in the industry, hailing from Kingston and now living in the hills of St. Andrew, he is well known for his international collaborations and his catchy dance songs that can get any party started.


This deejay is also known to be one of Jamaica’s best performers, producing memorable moments on stage while performing with Chris Brown and others. When he is hosting his own parties within the luxury of his hillside mansion, this vintage blue vase is usually a grand attraction.

The deejay in question is none other than Elephant Man aka ‘The Energy God’, who is known for songs like Log On, Pon De River Pon De Bank, Nuh Linga, and Willie Bounce to name a few. The 48-year-old artiste, legally named O’Neil Bryan, shared that the antique is one of his favourite attractions at home that always catches everyone’s eye.

According to Elephant Man, the vase is Versace-made and was purchased when he was on tour in Italy. After the antique was shipped to Jamaica by the tour promotor, it found a new home in his mansion, where it garnered admiration from his family and house guests.

“It’s one of my favourite attractions in my house…my kids, everybody, the ladies, everybody just love it… my mom love family…one of my favourite piece,” he told Yardhype.

Watch a short video of Elephant Man’s vase below:

Throughout the years, The Energy god has remained consistent in releasing new songs for the fans with his latest release being ‘Dig’ produced by Energy God Production. Check it out below:

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