Guess Which Dancehall Artiste This Is?

This deejay was born on December 19, 1993, his mother’s last name is Watt. He is considered to be one of the brightest amongst his peers having been to one of the most prestigious secondary schools in the corporate area.

He started making music while in school and his first music video which was released in May of 2011, was seemingly a song done as a school project about his time at the school that he was attending at the time.

However, the deejay, who now boasts over 800K followers on his Instagram account, was on TV long before he became a sensation in the Dancehall industry, possibly before he dreamed of becoming an entertainer.

At 12 years old, he represented Mico Practising Primary and Junior High School on TVJ’s Junior School Challenge Quiz, where he shared that he dreamt of becoming a doctor or research scientist.

As he pursued a different career path, he wore black contact lenses, and his appearance underwent several transformations as he made numerous fashion statements.

The entertainer of discussion is Earlan ‘Alkaline’ Bartley, who is naturally slim with a dark complexion, but he did gain a bit of weight at one point in his career.

Along with adorning his skin with numerous tattoos, his complexion also underwent a significant change as he boasted a light brown skin tone after bleaching.

The deejay, a past student at Ardenne High School, initially sported afros before he added braids and synthetic locks to his hair.

Additionally, at one stage of his career, he also sported permed hair, attracting even more attention.

Eventually, Alkaline, who stopped bleaching his skin, ditched the synthetic hair and rocked his hair in plaits and twists.

Currently, he wears small wicks, embracing a natural and popular style.

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