Guess Which Dancehall Artiste This Is?

Monday, June 3, 2024, 5:16 PM

Rising to fame in 2022, this individual specializes in trap dancehall music and has sung multiple local hit songs in the short span of his musical career. With a unique style and approach to music, he is popular, especially with the younger generation. 

Hailing from the parish of St. Ann, the December-born entertainer was a troubled youth, but despite his personal challenges, he excelled in his studies. However, instead of choosing a path of academics, he went the creative route and his ambition led him towards the world of music and entertainment.


The Rusea’s High School graduate was born to the name Tevin Randall but goes by the stage name Kraff Gad or just Kraff

He released his debut EP (extended play) in 2022 entitled 11:11 which consisted of six songs: Big Crook, Lights Out, Thief ft. Valiant, Great One, Karma Keyz, and Broken Poetry ft. SVM. To date, Kraff has seen continued success with hit singles such as Rum Behavior, OG Bobby Johnson, Dinero, and BuduChop.

His steady climb up the dancehall musical ladder has had its setbacks however, as the artiste was involved in a car accident in early December 2022 when his career was taking off. The singer spent his birthday in the hospital with a cervical collar attached to his neck to keep it in place.

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Despite the accident, the entertainer was in good spirits, and following the incident he used his personal experience and his platform as a popular individual to spread awareness about road safety during an interview after the fact. 

According to Kraff, he is a “dark and tormented” individual with creative talents and those talents are reflected in his work. He stated in an interview with The Star, “Each of my songs have a message weh the small-minded nah go understand…It’s an artistic interpretation and it means something different to everybody.”

In another interview with the Jamaica Observer (2022), Kraff said that continuing on his musical journey he wishes to build an indelible relationship with his fanbase. However, that he also wants to spread his wings and artistic talents by trying new genres and building a strong relationship with an international audience like renowned artistes Sean Paul and Shaggy.

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He aspires to be the type of entertainer who cannot be put in a box in terms of creativity or geography as he wishes to foster a timeless and widespread legacy.

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