Guess Which Dancehall Entertainer This Is?

Many might not recognise her solely from a photo of her physique from several years ago because her body has changed since she rose to popularity in the Dancehall industry as an entertainer.

This Dancehall artiste emerged on the scene as a dancer, twerking in music videos and at events. Her dancing skills and vibrant personality earned her a large fanbase, including her 626K followers on Instagram.


She also originated an infectious dance move that gained her islandwide recognition in 2017. She transitioned from inventing a dance move to creating infectious slang that resonates with Jamaican women and deejaying. 

The individual in question is none other than dancer-turned-Dancehall artiste Prettii Prettii, known for her performances alongside TC and Dancing Rebel as dancers for Spice. Prettii Prettii, known as the creator of Sticky Whine, has released songs such as SAD EEH, and Buzzy.

prettii prettii alongside TC and Dancing Rebel
Prettii Prettii alongside TC and Dancing Rebel

The curvaceous figure she possesses today was not always the case, as evident in the photo below. The picture shows her sporting a black and white top, black ripped jeans, white sneakers, and her braid hair up in a bun.

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When Prettii Prettii, legally named Tashlieka Laird, starred on the local reality TV show PTR with her friends (Dancing Rebel and TC), she admitted to undergoing cosmetic surgery. 

She frequently showcases her ample curves in provocative outfits, accentuating her broad hips and flat stomach.

Pretti Pretti1q
Pretti Pretti
Pretti Pretti1

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