Guess Which Dancehall Sensation This Is?

She is a vixen on camera, a temptress on stage, and a dancehall sensation with smooth and sensual vocals. The entertainer of discussion is known for her songs as much as she is known for her beauty and physique, which she never fails to flaunt for all to see.

This Jamaican artiste has over 5 million followers in total across her social media pages, all of which boast raunchy content about herself.


As much as she receives praise for what she does, this dancehall artiste also often finds herself being criticised for one thing or another, but she consistently demonstrates an unwavering indifference towards the opinions of others.

In case you are still unclear about who this article is about, the entertainer is legally named Jada Ashanti Murphy, and she hails from Seven Mile in Bull Bay, just on the outskirts of Kingston.

During the course of her career, Jada has faced criticisms about her appearance, with some questioning the authenticity of her hourglass figure and large butt. However, earlier photos of this entertainer prove that she has not changed that much since she was younger.

Even in her childhood, Jada maintained her adorable petite face, as is shown in the picture of her when she was at a tender age sporting pigtails in her yellow uniform. The photograph below captured her hugging her sister, Tionne Murphy, who was also wearing the same school uniform.

Jada and Tionne Murphy

Other photos of the 25-year-old dancehall singjay in her teenage years proved that she has always been curvaceous with a tiny waist and a big butt, although her butt has gotten noticeably bigger since then.
These pictures of when she was a teen showed her posing in skin-tight dresses, leggings, and bikini swimsuits, as well as rocking low-cut afros.

This image dates back to January 2015
This image dates back to February 2015
This image dates back to July 2015
This image dates back to August 2015
This image dates back to September 2015
This image dates back to November 2015
This image dates back to August 2016
This image dates back to August 2016

Jada, who professionally goes by Jada Kingdom, gained recognition for her 2017 single Love Situation and is known for popular songs such as Budum, Waste Man (featuring Stalk Ashley), IDGAF, GPP, Which Gyal, and Turn Me On (featuring the 9ine).

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