Guess Which Popular Female Jamaican This is Performing Karate – Video

While she may be known for her beauty, her skills as a Karateka, a practitioner of Karate, are far less known.

This popular female Jamaican personality has worn many hats throughout her life. She first garnered national attention after becoming the third Jamaican woman to win the Miss World beauty pageant, following her predecessors, Carole Joan Crawford and Cindy Breakspeare.

Later entering politics, this Jamaican woman, none other than Member of Parliament for South East St. Ann Lisa Hanna, has shown just how broad her interests are. On Friday, Hanna shared a video on her Instagram page of her performing kata, one of the three pillars of karate, during her youth.

Hanna also shared that she was the 1991 black belt Kata champion and spoke about how the many principles of martial arts are ingrained in her life.

“Karate – it’s discipline, focus, way of life, strategic awareness, adaptability, agility, resilience and self defense – is ingrained in my life. As a devoted Karateka I trained several times a week for so many years and competed hard – winning in kata and fighting. Never mess with a silent ninja,” Hanna stated.

Reacting to the revelation that Hanna is trained in martial arts, singer and media personality Tami Chin jokingly called her “Lisa Hannah Lee.”

“Lisa Hannah Lee!!! Who bad like yuh???” Tami wrote.

View more reactions from Lisa Hanna’s video below.

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