Guess Which Popular Jamaican This Is?

This diva from Spanish Town, St. Catherine, started out as an international model and skyrocketed in the music business to stardom in around 2004-2005 in no time due to her hard work and outgoing personality. Shortly after, she got involved with a Dancehall hard hitter With whom she developed a romantic relationship. They later turned into a musical power couple.

At 46, she has been married once and produced one child from the union, however, her beauty and striking body make it hard to remember this fact. The woman in question is the illustrious Michelle Downer, more professionally known to wider audiences as D’Angel or the ‘Dancehall’s First Lady.’


D’Angel is known for her slim, sexy figure which she used to her advantage in her professional career and later on as an only fans content creator. Her style of dressing is usually revealing in nature, showcasing her long toned legs, midriff, and back.

Her fierce feminine allure seems to have only made her more attractive with age. Her only marriage was to King of the Dancehall Beenie Man and they produced Marco Dean together, even though the male entertainer has many other children. 

Recognizable songs recorded by the singer are One Man (with ex-husband Beenie Man), Pick The Man, Break Free and War Angel.

Outside of her Musical career, D’Angel is an avid philanthropist who gives back to her community and gives motivational speeches. She also co-founded a charitable organization with her son called Angel’s Foundation Jamaica.

With the assistance of her foundation, D’Angel gave back to 500 people in her hometown for Christmas in 2022, donated to another 500 for Christmas in 2023, and also gave gifts and money to Peanut Dread in 2023, among other instances. 

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