Guess Which Popular Jamaican This Is?

This popular Jamaican internet sensation is known for her top-of-the-line dance moves and unique style of dressing. Her sexy figure and sense of humour on social media draw fans to her content like moths to a flame. 

She maintains her status by developing and teaching tutorials for her dance challenges that are always a hit with female and even male audiences all over the world, but mostly in Jamaica.


Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, this 29-year-old has made it big and international through hard work and perseverance and not just through taps and roses.

Born to the name Christina Nelson but Popularly known as Dancing Rebel, she specializes in the art of New Skool and Female Dancehall and gained a huge following in 2016 as a main dancer on Team Spice.

She travelled the world with the now Dancehall Queen with coworkers and fellow dancers TC and Pretty Pretty until they parted ways in 2020 due to a huge internet fallout. 

She blazed her own trail by choreographing and appearing in multiple music videos and also teaching dance classes worldwide and being a judge at competitions. 

After leaving Team Spice, the trio that are known as The Dollies, including Keticia Chatman (TC) and Tashicka Laird (Pretty Pretty) maintained a great bond, even moving on to star in a reality show together called ‘Dancehall Life’.

Moving on in her career, Rebel signed with Talent Manager Romeich of Romeich Entertainment in 2022. He now manages all aspects of her career including promotions, music video appearances and choreography, as well as teaching dance classes. She also appeared in ‘The Social House JA’.

Rebel has made it a part of her mission to give back by helping many civilians to start their own businesses through perfume and slipper care packages (12 per person) and also following up by helping to promote and support the businesses of those selected to receive the packages.

She stated that she hopes that this is something that she will be able to do on a daily basis.

Some of the music videos that Rebel has been a part of include Watch A Style Yah by Ding Dong, a number of Spice videos including Inches and Roze Don’s Excuse Me, and much more.

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