Guest Shows “Raw Flour” Served at Moon Palace Hotel in Jamaica, says “You all mest up” – Watch Video

Saturday, February 3, 2024, 7:10 AM

A guest at the Moon Palace Jamaica resort in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, called out the popular hotel for allegedly serving undercooked dumplings. According to the male guest, the fried dumplings he received were filled with “raw flour,” and he provided proof of this in a video.

The video shows the guest giving a glimpse of the food the hotel served him, including fried ripe plantains, boiled dumplings, bammy, yam, fried dumplings, boiled bananas, cooked ackee, and more.


The issue the guest who goes by the name @terikashotta on Instagram has in the footage is with the fried dumplings, which were not thoroughly fried.

In the video, he can be seen revealing the soft and stretchy interiors of the fried dumplings. When each dumpling turns out to be the same as the other, he gets frustrated and calls the hotel, which charges US$600 per night, a “motherf**ker.”

“Chef, right this raw, bro. The flour is raw. Come on, man, you all messed up, bro… That’s a kneed flour… Yall f**ked up,” he said. “Yall not knowing what yall doing… This is flour to kneed. Moon Palace, halla at me. Don’t make me go more crazy on yall, motherf**ker.”

See his caption below:

Watch the video the guest made below:

After the video was shared on Instagram on Friday, two IG users responded with comments saying, “Raw fry dumpling?!!! A who a cook?!!” and “Neva see nuttin like dat inna mi life, Wicked set a people dem!!”

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