Gun Taken From Robber During Bizarre Robbery Caught On Camera – Watch Video

A robbery in Los Angeles, California, turned into a chase when the victim fought the perpetrator and attempted to escape. The incident unfolded on Friday morning in the parking lot of a shop under the scope of a surveillance camera. At 9 a.m. on November 4, the robbers drove into a parking lot on Sunset Boulevard in an Infiniti car. Upon entering the lot, one of the robbers quickly exited with a gun and pounced on a man. The victim, who drove a white Tesla, was ordered to surrender his belongings at gunpoint.

A witness, Mark Issari, informed Inside Edition that the victim is a businessman with an office next door. Issari recounted that the businessman always parked there every day. However, on that morning, a gunman accosted him, demanding to have his “wallet, his purse, or his watch,” which led to an argument.

They tussled shortly afterwards, and the victim fell to the ground before running off. The businessman fought the robber a second time, wrestled the gun from the attacker, and tore off his shirt. He then made another attempt to escape. KCBS reported that the robber and his accomplice, who were both masked, initially tried to catch the man on foot but returned to their vehicle and pursued him in a chase.

A second security camera along a driveway on Sunset Boulevard showed immediately after the assailants struck the victim with the car. The businessman stumbled from the road to the sidewalk, where the gun had landed a few steps away. The shirtless robber attempted to rob the victim again, but the businessman was still fighting back. The robbers subsequently drove off, leaving the weapon behind. 

The shop owner, David Van Cleve, also recounted the incident to reporters and informed them that the victim has since been hospitalized. The victim reportedly suffered a leg injury from being hit by the car and is currently recovering from the surgery he underwent, but is said to be faring well. The authorities hope that someone can identify the robbers or the vehicle.

Watch the video of the incident below.

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