H1N1 Virus Confirmed in Manchester

On Thursday, a single case of Influenza A (H1N1) virus, more commonly known as swine flu, was confirmed at the Mandeville Regional Hospital in Manchester, according to the Southern Regional Health Authority.

As part of the campaign to prevent the spread of influenza, the public is asked to wash their hands frequently with soap and water, cover their mouths and noses when they sneeze or cough, and avoid contact with individuals with flu-like symptoms.

As a result of the confirmation of an H1N1 case in Manchester, Dr Vitilius Holder, Regional Technical Director of the Southern Regional Health Authority, says there is no need for panic.

In an interview, Holder says the country has a surveillance system for monitoring respiratory illnesses, and tests are conducted on samples from people with respiratory-like symptoms every week. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, Dr Holder also advises people to take precautions.

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The Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) reports that since 2009 the virus has circulated among the Jamaican population.

Learn more from the report below:

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