Hanover Residents Claim They Found Gold – Watch Videos

A series of videos have been rapidly circulating on social media with residents of the second smallest parish in Jamaica, Hanover, claiming to have found a pit containing gold.

In the videos, residents of Chester Castle, Hanover, can be seen gathered around what seems to be a small mound in the ground. They can be seen digging with their hands and breaking off chunks of rock which some hold up to the camera and they seem to shimmer in the light.


The small mound graduates from a pit to a large hold in the ground that can be heard being referred to as a “gold mine” and people can be seen digging and sectioning off small goldish locking rocks that they either keep in their hands or place in plastic cups before going back to dig for treasure.

However, there were other individuals who were more skeptical of the find and asked, “a wah e worl gone to?” while laughing and trying to figure out if the others thought that the stone in question was actually gold.

Another video in circulation mentioned that law enforcement eventually made their way to the scene and stated that the government would be taking control of the “gold”. One of the residents stated, “Gold deh yah bredda…gold mine…dem nuh say government ah come fah.”

See the viral videos below:

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