Heavy D Discusses What Happened at Sting 2022 – Watch Interview

Heavy D, one of Sting’s leading principals, spoke out about what happened at the much-anticipated stage show, Sting, upon its 2022 return.

In an interview on Onstage, Heavy D said that he was disappointed with how some of the young performers showed up late to the concert and brought large entourages, which they could not control, even after he and the police officers gave specific orders not to do so. All this led to some artistes’ stage time being shortened as they tried to afford as many entertainers as possible a chance to perform so that the patrons would leave feeling satisfied.
He went ahead to say that the altercations that were seen in videos that were shared across different social media platforms were not among the performing artistes but with their entourages and the police officers on duty. Heavy D conveyed that the front of the audience did not know that any fights were happening or that other people were scampering for cover because they were so into the performances that were taking place on stage.
The manager/promoter said that he believed that the show was a complete success and that fights were a common part of the culture of the stage show. Heavy D was asked what he thought about the performance of upcoming artistes A’mari and Queenie, to which he responded by saying that he regretted that it turned into a physical confrontation, but that it was largely requested by the public. He said that he believes that both ladies are completely okay with each other and that it was all just a comedic performance.
Despite what internet critics are saying, Heavy D stood by his belief that the stage show was a complete success and said that he hopes for a more peaceful 2023 Sting but urged the people of Jamaica that true peace can only begin from within their households. He also urged social media onlookers not to believe what is being publicized through the social media lens, saying that it only tells half the story.


The popular Jamaican stage show, which has now seen international acts trying to grab a piece of the pie, is usually held on December 26, of each year.

Watch the interview below:

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