Herbert Morrison Security Guard Stabbed By Parent Over Dress Code Violation – Watch Video

Saturday, September 10, 2022, 9:33 PM GMT-5

On Friday, a woman stabbed a security guard in his left shoulder after she was refused access onto the Herbert Morrison Technical High School grounds. Paul Adams, principal of the St. James school, stated that the incident occurred because of a dress code violation.

A clip of the occurrence, only thirty seconds long, was captured when it happened. The security guard is seen struggling with a woman wearing a scant yellow dress with patterns on its expanse, when another woman in braids, a red blouse, and short blue tights approaches him behind and starts to take swings at him with an imperceptible object during the skirmish. She succeeded in hitting the man with the sharp object on her third try, indicated by the blood that blossomed on his shirt sleeve.

A student in the background wondered aloud why no one was trying to assist the guard with getting the women under control when one of the many gathered on the scene declared, “a stab him get?”, to which another replied, “How yuh mean!” Someone else called out, “him get eh knife man.”

The Security and the two women continue to scuffle, and he gets stabbed a second time after the same woman in the red and blue outfit jumps at him when he gets distracted by the other lady.

The onlookers, mostly students, can be heard stating their worry for someone to intervene because of the knife that the woman appeared to possess. By this time, an individual in khaki pants and what seems to be a white dress shirt or bush jacket, makes a half-hearted attempt to end the melee.

The video was posted on the Twitter account of the Jamaica Gleaner where commenters were aghast at the attitudes of the parents that were raising the children of the nation’s future. Someone said, “wow 😳…. Just recently the Police Commissioner urged parents to teach conflict resolution to their kids. This parent clearly doesn’t agree with that approach and chose violence…🤷🏿‍♂️,” while another pointed out, “That’s why them bad bruck pickney them stay so. See where it a come from. Tan a yuh yard if you can’t follow a simple rule and keep you bad bruck pickney with yuh.”

Take a look at the video footage below:


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