Holiday Snowstorm Kills At Least 57 People in The United States – Watch Video

The winter holiday has been fatal to at least 57 people in the United States of America, and the life-threatening cold temperatures span multiple states. In the North East, rescue personnel are working to clear piles of snow, and there are reports of people trapped inside their homes and cars.

According to forecasters cited by NCB News, some eastern regions were expected to experience a “deep freeze” last night, with temperatures rising this morning. The frigid weather claimed the lives of people in multiple states; their bodies were discovered in locations like their cars.

The states that have reported fatalities include Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and New York. The number of fatalities in New York (NY) is at least 27.

Some homes are completely engulfed in snow, and bodies were even discovered in snowbanks. Some members of the rescue squad also needed saving, and abandoned cars were scattered across the streets of Buffalo, a city in NY.

One person broke into a Buffalo liquor store on Christmas Day in the middle of the snowstorm and stole alcohol. The footage of the robber has been released, and the Mayor of Buffalo condemned the actions of the thief.

Authorities in the state are urging people to avoid the roads and stay inside because a travel ban has been put into effect. There have been reports of several people trapped in cars as of yesterday.

For anyone in immediate need of medication or other life-saving help, authorities are advising people to call the emergency contact number. Additionally, according to NCB News, approximately 75,000 individuals were left without energy yesterday due to downed power lines.

Watch the news report on the snowstorm below:

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